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Tallon Electric x A Plea for Purging

The Wolf

The Wolf

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Those who tread the path of dominant shred mastery will find themselves face to face with... The Wolf.

THE WOLF packs a vicious overdrive and a haunting filter into one box that'll have your high-gain amp growlin' and your sick leads howlin'.

A Plea for Purging. Reputable historians call them the most influential band ever to hail from Nashville. But, one fine detail has left them scratching their heads. “How did guitarist Blake Martin craft a tone worthy of delivering so many legendary riffs to the ears of the people?”

Filter Controls:

BOOST - Amplifies the targeted filter frequency.
FREQUENCY - Sweeps a narrow band-pass filter to set a target filter frequency.
LEVEL - Adjusts the output volume of the filter effect.

Overdrive Controls:

TONE - Balances treble frequencies after the overdrive stage.
DRIVE - Adjusts the soft clipping threshold to add overdrive and compression.
LEVEL - Sets the output volume for the overdrive effect.

Technical Specs:

  • Easy Click True Bypass
  • 9v DC, 2.1mm center negative power. Does not accept batteries.
  • Power Consumption: 35mA
  • Enclosure Size: 4.7" x 3.75" x 1.75"

This pedal accepts 9VDC CENTER NEGATIVE power supplies ONLY.

Using the wrong power supply (i.e. higher than 9v, AC instead of DC, reverse polarity) will result in damage to the pedal.


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