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Tallon Electric

The Hog

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The Hog is the only overdrive ever created that enables YOU to dabble with the untamed guitar stylings of Bilmuri.

Tallon Electric partnered with Johnny Franck of Bilmuri to recreate his unique guitar tone featured on albums such as 400LB BACK SQUAT (2021) and EGGY POCKET (2020). 


Fueled by their desire for pure tone, Franck and Tallon Electric embarked on a quest. Using Johnny's personal equipment and studio, the pair spent months in trial and error - exploring every combination of parts and parameters until they achieved the crystal clear, yet devastatingly heavy guitar tone his fans have come to expect.

V2 Updates!

- Soft touch true bypass

- Top mounted power and audio jacks

Load - Turn clockwise for more volume.
Crank - Adjusts the gain of the distortion channel.
Optimize - Sets the balance between the distortion channel and the crunch channel.
Clarity - Controls treble content at the output.
Beef - Toggles between a fat or tight low end on the distortion channel.


Power Supply: Standard center negative 9VDC ONLY, power supply not included.
Power Consumption: 19mA
Size: 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.5"