July, 2011

I had a job working as a touring guitarist for a band on the Vans Warped Tour. In a bid to escape the summer heat, I decided it was time to open a "build your own pedal" kit I had ordered earlier in the year. I sat down at a small table near the front of our bus, I sorted the handful of tiny parts, and I got to work. After a few hours, I had built what would be the first of many, many...many effects pedals. 


After a decade of goofing around, I decided to officially start a company. I partnered with my very talented friend, Luke Shomo, who performs miracles in the art and design space. Together, we make up Tallon Electric. It's my job to make the pedals, and it's Luke's job to make it all look cool. After all of our work is finished, we do everything we can to get our pedals into your hands and onto your pedalboard. Simple as that.

What's the point?

The goal here is to turn my hobby into something that has a positive impact on people. It's really that simple. l consider this project a success every time one of our pedals inspires a person to sit down and make music.

- Sean Mackowski


Sean and his son eating apples.

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