July, 2011

I was a year out from High School, and I had somehow landed a job as a guitarist + backup singer with a band who was out all summer playing the Vans Warped Tour. About midway through the hot and dusty summer, I felt the need to break my day to day routine and try out a new hobby. Life of the party over here, right? I cracked open a "build your own pedal" kit I had ordered before we left home, borrowed a soldering iron from our guitar tech, and took command of the little table in the front of our tour bus. An hour or so later, I had built what would be my first of many, many...many effects pedals. 


Nearly 10 years had passed since the day that saw me build my first pedal. I sat, lonely and unfulfilled upon my towering hill of knowledge and experience. I had shared none of it. My little hobby had become my shameful hoard, and it was time to make that right. I felt the call to share my work with the good people of the world, so I enlisted the help of my very talented designer friend, Luke Shomo. Together, we created Tallon Electric. I make the pedals, and Luke makes sure everything we do looks as cool as possible. We strive... STRIVE... to provide you with guitar pedals that bring you feelings of joy when you use them. That's really all there is to it.

- Sean Mackowski


Sean and his son eating apples.

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