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Bilmuri + Tallon Electric

The Hog

The Hog

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Wield the tones made famous by Bilmuri.

THE HOG is a blended distortion and overdrive pedal designed to produce tones that are THICC and CRYSTAL CLEAR.

"Fueled by a burning desire to provide pure tone to the masses, Bilmuri set out on a quest with Tallon Electric. The objective? Package the band's famous guitar sound into a compact, foot-friendly unit. The pair spent months in trial and error - exploring every combination of parts and parameters until finally, they reproduced the same crystal clear, devastatingly heavy guitar tone that 'Muri stans have fawned over for millennia."

V2 Updates!

  • Soft touch true bypass
  • Top mounted power and audio jacks


Load - Turn clockwise for more volume.
Crank - Adjusts the gain of the distortion channel.
Optimize - Sets the balance between the distortion and overdrive tones.
Clarity - Controls the overall treble content.
Beef - Toggles between fat or tight low end contours on the distortion tone.

Technical Specs:

  • Power Supply: Standard center negative 9VDC ONLY. POWER SUPPLY IS NOT INCLUDED!
  • Power Consumption: 19mA
  • Size: 4.7" x 3.75" x 1.75"

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